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STUDIO Studio Varischi mainly deals with design, project management and artistic direction of individual villas, penthouses and apartments with large sizes as well as the renovation of existing buildings, the design and furnishing of offices, shops and development of buildings for the service sector . The restructuring of any kind of property it is, is to adapt the living space to the new needs of the client while maintaining a deep connection with the surrounding context. Subsequently is processed also the interior design, up to even the smallest of details. Varischi The study is divided into several highly specialized professionals in their skills. A continuing research technique of building materials and finishes is the expression of an architecture in progress and technology. The spaces designed by Arch. Varischi Mirko prefer furniture designed to measure dimensions, essences and features to the client; furnishings suitable are skillfully integrated and blended with the unique pieces that are part of the history of each.


BIOGRAPHY Mirko Varischi graduated in Architecture, with design at the Politecnico di Milano in April 2001. Admitted to since 2001 and registered with the Architects of the province of Bergamo from February 2002. Keep it steady is impossible; superbly versatile is a river in flood. In continuous tension especially with himself always raises the bar to reach the highest peaks project. Brave, with a strong aesthetic sense, is a lover of beauty in all its forms. Working with him is not always easy, but it is certainly satisfying. Exasperation tenacious in pursuing the goal set, with him the certainty that the project will correspond exactly to reality built. Specializing in architectural projects of villas and penthouses in the private sector and large residential and industrial complexes, showrooms, professional offices in the commercial sector. Deals with various aspects of the design with a focus on interior design: advice and design of the furniture and industrial products. Since 2009 he began working as a consultant for various companies which acquired the artistic direction. In compliance with ecological issues and energy conservation architect Mirko Varischi after courses and research activities begins the design and subsequent construction of wooden houses. For more than ten years he publishes his projects in magazines and books in the industry getting a great public success.



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The Architect Varischi’s wife and the general manager of and for all (across the board=uguale per tutti). Curious and dynamic, she cultivates many interests that led her to travel around the world to discover the architecture and the natural beauty in its different forms. She looks for the goal and always finds the best way to achieve it. Rarely you will be able to dissuade or discourage her because, by her nature, she is an indomitable enthusiast. She works behind the scenes, managing the commercial area,  the public relations and the image of the Studio. She establishes and maintains relations with press and television medias. Leader of her colleagues in the preparation of shootings of the projects to be published or in the public presentation of new commercial areas.






She graduated in Architecture, specializing in design at the University of Florence in November 2003 with full marks 110/110. Enabled the profession since January 2004 and she is member of the  Association of Architects of the province of Bergamo since March 2004, immediately and for several years, working with very important architects firms like Guazzoni and Trivella and taking care of the more technical aspects of the profession both in the context of private and public works. From April 2005 she started to work with the Architect Varischi and this collaboration proved effective and rewarding for both over the years . Attracted by Spanish masters and the Nordic design, she looks for clean lines and simple shapes in planning. Determined to carry on what she believes, she is technically qualified even in legislative matters. She is the Project Manager in the team and, effectively, she is able to manage the technical project or to coordinate works of construction on building yards. Since 2005 she has been attending many professional courses and technical updates including those to become Safety Coordinator, Energy Certifier and Designer of wooden houses.






As a child he had a dream ... and that dream becomes true when, in July 201,2 he graduated at the Politecnico di Milano Bovisa in interior design. The periods spent on foreign colleges were preparatory to his training to improve his knowledge of foreign languages and the relationship with Apple that made him the best qualified member in computer of our staff. After training in Milan he entered Varischi team in March of 2013 distinguishing himself by very clear design ideas and his precise technical execution. Stubborn to the right point, he insists on having his ideas recognized, but generous in estimating his colleagues’ work. In team he mainly designs residential and commercial interior design, moreover he follows the execution in the yards of the work supervisor as far as technical aspects are concerned or the artistic direction with more purely aesthetic issues.

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She graduated with honors in Construction Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano in December 2013. During her studies, she enriched  her curriculum with intercultural exchanges abroad. Enabled in the profession since July 2014 and enrolled in the Order of Architects since January 2015, she started a collaboration with Architect Varischi in September 2014. In 2016 she moved to Milan where she broadened her technical and design knowledge thanks to the collaboration with various architectural firms and general contractors. In Architect Varischi’s team she mainly follows the design, the technical and legislative aspects, and the execution on site of the Works Management. Resolute and tenacious in pursuing her goals and always open and attentive to different points of view and changes, she thinks that architecture should be imagined and created for those who live in it, and that the architect should always aim at achieving a perfect match between aesthetics and functionality.

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Initially the building industry and then architecture became the focus of her activities.

After the diploma and title of Geometra she begins Building and Architectural Engineering programme at Politecnico di Milano, of which she is now about to graduate, and concurrently working with an architectural studio, making experience and expanding her professionality.

During these years she dedicates her working time to residential projects and public works, metric computations and expanded her skills in the construction management.

In February 2021 the meeting with the architect Varischi turns out to be enlightening and lucky for both; she decides to devote her professional growth completely to architecture of large residential projects as well as detached house and begins to approach the interior design. The working environment and the new team are stimulating and provide opportunities for new creativity to bring out.

She continues, however, to not forget the pragmatism that in past years determined her choice to enjoy Building Engineering as well as Architecture.

In her future she sees large and refined residential projects based on math to allow her ideas to break free into reality.

Respectful of her coworkers’ thoughts, punctual and precise, she loves confrontation and is not afraid of error... after all, mathematics does not make mistakes.

06-Vale Cortesi.jpg




She graduated in Architecture with a focus on Interior Architecture from Politecnico di Milano in December 2019 with a 110/110 cum laude.

She joins Architect Varischi's team in 2020 with some stubbornness and showing that she really wants that desk.

She is flanked by Arch. Tania Alessio (Project manager) of which absorbs quickly and with extreme precision the design technique as well as the ability to imagine and give life to their ideas.

Currently, she deals with residential and industrial architecture, demonstrating refinement in the design choices of interior design.

Versatile in learning and very precise in technical execution, she is an excellent cornerstone for team work, thanks to her collaborative nature.

Currently engaged in passing the State Examination for the achievement of qualification to practice the profession, she studies with determination to realize her project.

In her future there is the passion of those who look to the future with an exciting architecture but at the service of man.

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She graduates in Interior Design In March 2019, after five years of studies at the Politecnico of Milan.  She joined the team in 2020, with a great desire to learn and to challenge herself with new experiences. Under the guidance of the I.D. Luca Gulinatti, she develops her skills in project thinking, sharpening in particular her ability to combine colors and shapes. Looking for a contemporary interior that doesn’t simplify in a minimal approach, she is always looking for that perfect balance that can make the different spaces harmonic. She is a natural perfectionist, rarely one of her drawings shows mistakes. Her projects, based on the teachings of the architect Mirko Varischi, are most likely to choose natural materials, always looking for quality. There is one certainty in her future: interior design will be a part of it.

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He graduated in Architecture - Built environment - Interior at the Politecnico di Milano in December 2020 with a thesis on the redevelopment of the Flaminio district in Rome. After gratuating he joined the Varischi team in March 2020. Within the Studio he deals with design support, drafting of building practices and 3D modeling. He is interested in the different topics related to architecture and the social and cultural dynamics that this discipline brings with it. Curious and enterprising towards the new challenges that the workplace offers him and determined to achieve the best possible result.

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Born into a family of technicians she breathes the air of the construction sites since childhood, the choice to approach this world comes naturally. After obtaining the title of Surveyor at L.Einaudi technical institute of Chiari, she qualified for the profession in 2018.
Driven by the desire to deepen and complete her artistic knowledge, she continues her university studies in Interior and Product Design between Italy and Spain, graduating in 2020 with honors at the Free Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia.
She immediately starts to collaborate with several design studios dealing mainly with technical issues, in July 2021 the meeting with the architect Varischi sets the decision to specialize in the most exquisitely aesthetic aspects of the design.

Reserved yet determined to pursue her goals, by nature she is sensitive to the balance of the combinations. Within the team she continues her specialization in interior design, graphic choices and the processing of virtual images.

11- Sara Vicini.jpg



Nel 2019 ho conseguito il diploma in Grafica e Comunicazione presso l'Istituto Professionale G. Falcone, acquisendo competenze estetiche e tecniche nella progettazione e rappresentazione grafica. Mantenendo un forte legame con il mondo dell'arte, ho ottenuto una Laurea triennale in Interior Design presso l'Accademia di Belle Arti Santa Giulia nell'ottobre 2022. Collaborare con l'Architetto Mirko Varischi, rappresenta per me un'opportunità per imparare da un professionista di grande calibro che, insieme al suo team, mi sprona a dare sempre il meglio e a sviluppare sempre di più il mio lato creativo.

Attualmente mi occupo della visualizzazione dei progetti attraverso l'elaborazione di immagini virtuali.

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